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Legal Disclaimer for users of this website
Aviso Legal sobre el uso de esta web

1. Legal Disclaimer: Information and Acceptance

In this legal notice, we refer to the user as anyone who accesses and uses our website. ABM Fresh Produce Marketing, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as ABM Fresh) provides you with our Internet portal (hereinafter referred to as “the website”). However, it is important to note that the use of this site is subject to certain terms and conditions.

Access to our website is free (excluding the cost of the user’s Internet connection). By using our website, you agree to all the conditions set forth in this legal notice.

The service we offer on the website is limited to the time you are connected to it or to any of its services. Therefore, we recommend that you review this legal notice each time you want to use our website, as both it and its terms of use may change at any time.

2. Legal Disclaimer: Intellectual and Industrial Property

All contents of our website are the property of ABM Fresh or third parties and are protected by current intellectual property laws. It is important to highlight that the use of our website does not imply the assignment of any exploitation rights over the contents present on it.

The content of our website subject to intellectual property rights includes all elements that compose it, such as texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, and other audiovisual or sound contents, as well as its graphic design and source codes.

Likewise, the trademarks, trade names, and other distinctive signs on our website are the property of ABM Fresh or third parties. Access to our website does not confer any rights over them.

3. Legal Disclaimer: Conditions of Website Use

3.1 – General

It is essential that you make appropriate use of our website in accordance with the law and this legal notice. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, as a user, you will be liable to ABM Fresh or third parties for any damage or harm caused.

It is strictly prohibited to use our website for the purpose of damaging the property or interests of ABM Fresh or third parties. Specifically, the use of the website in a way that overloads, damages, or disables ABM Fresh’s networks, servers, computer equipment (hardware), or software products and applications is prohibited.

3.2 – Contents

You must use the contents of our website in accordance with current legislation and this legal notice, as well as any other applicable conditions, regulations, or instructions. Below are some prohibited uses of the content for the user, according to current legislation:

Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available to the public, publicly communicating, transforming, or modifying the contents is not permitted, except in cases authorized by law or expressly consented to by ABM Fresh or the corresponding owner. Reproduction or copying for private use of contents that may be considered as software or a database under current intellectual property legislation, as well as their public communication or making available to third parties when it necessarily implies reproduction by the user or a third party, is prohibited. Extracting and/or reusing all or a substantial part of the contents of our website is prohibited.

3.3 – Data Collection Forms

In addition to what is established in clause 5 of this legal notice and in other applicable privacy policies, access to certain services or requests addressed to ABM Fresh may require prior registration.

It is essential that all the information you provide through the forms on our website is truthful. You must ensure the authenticity of all the data you provide and keep it updated at all times.

In case of providing false or inaccurate information, the user will be solely responsible for any damages that may be caused to ABM Fresh or third parties.

3.4 – Introduction of Links to the Portal

If you wish to link to our website from your own pages, it is important that you comply with the following conditions:

The link must only point to the main page of our website and not reproduce it in any way (including copying texts, graphics, etc.). It is strictly prohibited to use frames or frames that wrap our website or allow the visualization of contents through Internet addresses different from ours. This could cause confusion among users or improperly exploit our reputation. False, inaccurate, or incorrect statements about ABM Fresh, its partners, employees, customers, or the quality of the services we offer from the linking page should not be made. It should not be stated on the linking page that ABM Fresh has given its consent to the insertion of the link, unless there is explicit authorization on our part. The use of any ABM Fresh trademark or distinctive sign within the sender’s page is prohibited, except in cases permitted by law or expressly authorized by us. The page that sets the link must comply with the law and cannot link to contents that are illegal, harmful, or contrary to morality and good customs.

4. Legal Disclaimer: Exclusion of Liability

4.1 – Information

It is important to note that accessing our website does not imply that ABM Fresh is obliged to verify the truthfulness, accuracy, adequacy, suitability, completeness, and timeliness of the information provided through it.

4.2 – Service Quality

Furthermore, it’s important to note that accessing our website does not imply that ABM Fresh is obligated to control the absence of viruses, worms, or other harmful computer elements. It is the user’s responsibility to have appropriate tools to detect and disinfect harmful computer programs.

ABM Fresh is not responsible for any damages that may be suffered by users’ or third-party computer equipment during the use of our website.

4.3 – Service Availability

Additionally, it’s important to consider that accessing our website requires services and supplies provided by third parties, such as transportation through telecommunications networks. The reliability, quality, continuity, and operation of these services are not under the control of ABM Fresh. Therefore, services offered through our website may be affected by suspensions, cancellations, or inaccessibility, either before or during their use.

ABM Fresh assumes no responsibility for damages or losses of any kind caused to the user due to failures or disconnections in telecommunications networks resulting in the suspension, cancellation, or interruption of our website’s service.

4.4 – Linked Content and Services via the Portal

Our web access service includes technical devices such as links, directories, and search tools that allow users to access other pages (hereinafter, “Linked Sites”). In these cases, ABM Fresh acts as a service provider according to the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 12, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI). ABM Fresh will only be responsible for the contents and services provided on the Linked Sites if it has actual knowledge of their illegality and has not disabled the link with due diligence.

If a user believes that a Linked Site contains illegal or inappropriate content, they can inform ABM Fresh according to the procedure established in clause 6. However, this communication will not imply ABM Fresh’s obligation to remove the corresponding link.

It is important to note that the existence of Linked Sites does not necessarily imply agreements with their managers or owners, nor does it constitute a recommendation, promotion, or identification of ABM Fresh with the content or services provided on such sites.

ABM Fresh is not aware of the content and services of Linked Sites, so it is not responsible for damages caused by their illegality, quality, obsolescence, unavailability, errors, or usefulness, nor for any other damage not directly attributable to ABM Fresh.

5. Legal Disclaimer: Protection of Personal Data

For more information on the processing of your personal data on the website, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

6. Legal Disclaimer: Reporting of Illegal or Inappropiate Activities

If a user or any other Internet user discovers that Linked Sites lead to pages with illegal, harmful, denigrating, violent, or immoral content or services, they can contact ABM Fresh by providing the following information:

  • Personal data of the informant: name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  • Detailed description of the facts that evidence the illegality or inadequacy of the Linked Site.
  • In case of rights violations, such as intellectual or industrial property rights, the personal data of the rights holder if different from the informant. Additionally, proof of the legitimacy of the rights holder and, if applicable, the legal representation of the rights holder by the informant must be provided.
  • Explicit declaration that the information provided in the complaint is accurate.

Receipt of this communication by ABM Fresh will not imply, according to the provisions of the Law on Information Society Services (LSSI), effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents indicated by the informant.

7. Legal Disclaimer: Legislation

This Legal Notice is subject to Spanish legislation in all its aspects.